This is a unique opportunity to discover the energy using a Trident Copper Pyramid.

All levels of development are welcome, no experience needed.

The workshop will give you an understanding of how the universal energy of the Cosmos can be sourced, developed and used to improve your health and well-being. Once you appreciate its strength and power you will then learn and combine this with the energy of the Pyramid and will undoubtedly experience and incredible awaking from within”. The workshop is delivered on a practical base and involves everyone’s participation. The learning is experienced through using a number of exercises so that participants learn at their own level.

Aims & Objectives

• Consider the different types energy.

• Develop a breathing technique to evoke your own energy.

• Recognise how to harness Energy and effectively use it.

• Explain the fundamentals of the pyramid.

• Understand how to use Pyramid Energy.

• Experience the Energy of the pyramid.

• Undertake some healing on both yourself and others.

• Try different sizes from our Pyramid range

• Opportunity to purchase a Pyramid

Pyramid Workshop (level 1)

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  • If you would like to book a workshop this can only be done as group booking, which means you would need a minimum of 9 people to attend and a venue large enough to accommodate at least 3 large pyramids or more.


    Please contact Rob Simms on 07725029142 for further details.


    Alternatively a demonstration of Pyramid Energy can be facilitated, giving your group the opportunity to understand how Pyramids work and at the same time experience the Pyramid energy for yourself.  

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