What is a Pyramid Reiki Healing Treatment?

As a complementary therapist I provide healing treatments for a wide range of ailments and in particular the reduction of stress. Each session takes place in a Copper Pyramid. You will be lying on a therapy couch and a small Pyramid is placed around your shoulders and head. The session will last between 45mins - 1 hour.


How does it work?

Pyramids are a transceiver for cosmic energy, so when you're in the Pyramid you immediately become encompassed with a high transformative energy.


I use Reiki and the Pyramid energy, channeling this to wherever you healing is needed.


This type of healing treats the whole person, not only in the physical sense but also delivers an effective treatment improving your mental well-being. It will also develop and increase your psychic awareness. After a healing session, people often report a euphoric uplifting sensation, a connection to their higher self.


I can perform healing treatments either in the comfort of your own home or at a venue of your choice.

Pyramid Reiki Treatment


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