This is a fully assembled 2 meter (pole length) open framed Copper Pyramid. It is the perfect tool for Harnessing and Focusing Energy. It has multiple uses including; Meditation, Healing, Chakra balancing, Cleansing and many more health and spiritual benefits. 


You will

Benefit from Improved Health and Experience Renewed Vitality and Rejuvenation.


Be able to induce a Deep Meditative State enabling you to Relax, Detox, Reducing Stress and Tension.


Experience an Altered and Higher State of Consciousness and Increase your Vibrational Frequency.


It Will

Arouse, Stimulate and Heighten your Psychic Ability.


Balance, Realign and Recharge your Chakras as well as Unblock Meridian Lines Enabling the free flow of Vital Energy.


Cleanse and Energise Crystals, Purify and Charge Water.


This Pyramid will enhance your meditation experience like nothing you've ever experienced before.


The Pyramid is hand made using high quality materials and is constructed of; 


  • 4 polished Copper Tubing lengths, which are connected at the base using; 


  • High-grade stainless steel welded chain links. 


Each corner has a black non-marking plastic end cap to protect floor surfaces from being scratched. 


The unique design means the Pyramid is fully transportable and can be erected and taken down in seconds, no assembly is required. It can be used anywhere either indoors or outdoors. The Pyramid is large enough to sit comfortable inside either on a chair or on the floor. Large enough for a therapy couch to fit underneath it. 


The Pyramid comes complete in a strong durable plastic tube ensuring safe delivery and storage when you’re not using your Pyramid. As well as saving space the storage tube makes it possible to transport the Pyramid from place to place.


Details on the use and care of your Pyramid will be forwarded by email on completion of your transaction.

Large Pyramid

  • Pole Length: 2 meters
    Base: 185 cm 2 ( connecting chain)

    Pyramid Height: 1.58 meters (center of the base to the apex)

    Includes storage tube

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