Open circle


In an open circle you will learn to develope your psychic, spiritual (mediumship) and healing abilities. My circle is a small friendly uplifting group of individuals, who are on the same path of discovery and at all different stages of their development.


You will learn, develop and try the many different elements of esoterism and gain an understanding of how each of them work.


  • Clairvoyance   

  • Clairaudience

  • Clairsentience

  • Psychometry

  • Spirit energy

  • Psychic energy


To connect with spirit and our higher self, we use different methods and instruments. This also helps us explore what our natural abilities are and build your confidence when giving information to one another.


Here are some examples of the tools you will be using.


  • Angel and Tarot cards

  • Crystals

  • Photographs

  • Colour

  • Sound and vibration

  • Auras

  • Music

  • Symbology and numerology

  • Chakra’s


At the start of each circle we open with a meditation to help relax us, raise our vibration and prepare us for evening ahead. You will be given instruction and guidance on how to get the best from meditating.

Open & Development Circle

  • Why not come and join our open circle and give it a try. We meet every Monday night 7.30pm - 9.30pm.


    • Everyone on all levels of development are all welcome.
    • Limited spaces available
    • £5 per person
    • Refreshments included.


    For more information or advice please contact Tina on: 07825654297

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