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Copper Pyramids

I set up my newly arrived pyramid today in my retreat. Bought a large copper pyramid from Rob, excellent service, info, advice, and delivered safely, continuous contact with Rob throughout. As i went about to reshuffle my room, the pyramid was buzzing with energy... the room just came alive, its had beautiful energy before but as soon as i set it up the room just glowed.... i have placed a rose quartz crystal on top and topped it off with an Amethyst ..... I will be using it today for the first time.... this will only enhance the energy healing that I do, as a Qualified Practitioner of Energy Healing...this is going to take it to a whole new level of cosmic transitioning.... 


Just ordered a large pyramid off Rob .. wow it's amazing, I've only had it a couple of days but it's totally changed my healing room. When I laid in it I could feel the Energies run through my body .. I was very light headed at first but all in a good way.   I meditated to music in there and so didn't want it to finish.. feeling really cleansed and relaxed. I also played my Gongs in the room .. they always sound beautiful but even better now.  Quick easy service , good communication with Rob. Definitely recommend this pyramid and company as so easy to put up too .  I look forward to working and combining my pyramid with my Sound therapy treatments .  Fiji my dog loves it too as can't get her out of the space haha.
Thank you x

I bought a pyramid from Rob and when I received it was damaged. (But it still works) Even it was a delivery's fault he offered me a refund or an other one for half price. So professional and helpful. Very rare recently. I love the the energy from the pyramid , very relaxing. Amazing shop thank you.

Massive shout out to Rob Simms from @TridantPyramids... you Rock brother and your Pyramids are Seriously Powerful...

We’ve taken them around the world to many different Star Magic Trainings...  Every time they have amplified our experience...  If you wanna get one of these Must Have pieces of equipment for yourself then check out Robs Website...

Right now we are in India working with one of these...

The energy they kick out with the crystal grid combo is immense...

Rob you are a legend...

Thank you brother 🙏💛🙏

One Love. One Heart. One Human Family.

Bought two pyramids, awaiting the smaller one, however the large one is amazing, it totally boosted the power of both meditation and healing (only had it one day, but it will be used and shared regularly). Delivery and communication has been excellent, and the instructions emailed very useful. I love it and am very excited to share it with some of my friends. It is my best buy for a while. Thank you so much Rob, I am delighted with this.


This was the most affordable pyramid on the Internet, and for the price the quality is superb! Great materials, easy setup, fast customer service. Absolutely recommend you to buy from Rob.


I experienced my first pyramid healing session yesterday I was totally blown away the energy was amazing I have ME/CFS and felt so great all day and evening. I have also purchased a pyramid from trident money every well spent I would recommend this healing to anyone as I feel all would benefit enormously by its results.


I was so impressed with the way the pyramid intensifies the healing energy that I have purchased one. I'm looking forward to using this to meditate, self heal and use whilst undertaking energy healing on others.


I was lucky enough to be working in the stand next to Rob at an Mind, Body & Spirit event and got the opportunity to try the pyramid. I loved it so much I bought one. The energy is wonderful and I have really benefited from it in the time I have had it. Thank you Rob.

Pyramid Healing Sessions

Had my first pyramid healing session yesterday with Rob at a Love & Light event in Birmingham. Have to say the energy & healing was amazing. Within minutes I looked around the room and noticed my vision was clearer & the colours were brighter. I felt at peace and very relaxed. Had wonderful nights sleep too. Before we came away we purchased a small pyramid to fit over our therapy bed. Tried it out on the dog last night, who instantly relaxed and snored very loudly.


Superb energy with the pyramid. From the moment you sit in it you can instantly feel the strong energy. The healing is wonderful; I will certainly be having another treatment from you rob.


I had my first experience of pyramid healing today and I was blown away I can't put into words what it was like you must try it for yourself and you would be lost for words to and believe me my aches and pains were greatly diminished wonderful never mind 5 try 10 out of 10.



Wonderful experience really enjoyed the workshop and well presented, and lovely to meet new people, lovely atmosphere .


I attended a recent Pyramid Healing Workshop - not only was it an information packed day but it also included plenty of practice with the pyramids throughout the workshop. I purchased a pyramid on the day and it was money well spent as I use it now in my Reiki practice. Would highly recommend it!


A brilliant time today on Rob's course in Sutton Coldfield. Can't recommend it highly enough. A great experience learning about using the pyramid.... can't wait for level 2! Thanks so much x


Pyramid Meditation

Being quite new to meditation, I can happily recommend trying one of Rob Simms new Trident Pyramids. It's so relaxing and a feeling of being comforted and having no cares. I. Loved the experience. Wonderful to combat against the non-stop stresses and strains of a modern busy life.




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