Trident Pyramid Healing  

Pyramid Energy

The mysteries of Pyramids and their origins have been written about for thousands of years and today some questions still remain unanswered. The materials used, the methods of construction including the size and position of Pyramids has also given rise to much debate over the centuries.

What is known is that a pyramid harnesses the electromagnetic field of the Earths Energy along with the source of the Cosmos. Pyramids act as a conductor forming a central focal point and when used for meditation and Healing purposes it amplifies the effect. When used for Intention, thoughts from visualisations become manifestations and this brings about a change from within. This transformation is known as the Cause and Effect.

Large Pyramid

Why is the shape so important?

The Pyramidal shape acts as a beacon, a transceiver for energy. The geometric structure amplifies the energy creating a vortex within the Pyramid. This is where the energy will be utilised and directed. It is with ‘ones’ intention that creates the results and the level of transformation is determined by the power of thought.

What can you use a TRIDENT PYRAMID for?

Large Pyramid

Pyramids have multiple uses and the experience differs from person to person. The common uses for a pyramid are; meditation, relaxation, detox and relieve stress, increase personal energy, balance chakra’s, healing and connecting with the metaphysical.

People meditating report a much deeper and accelerated connection to their subconsciousness. They experience an enhanced sense of well-being and increased levels of awareness. Others say they have received spiritual and psychic impressions; their dreams have become more lucid with strong visual imagery and increased recollection of their dream. Many people report feeling revitalized with a heightened sense of perception.

Why do I use Copper Poles?

Copper tubing is used because it is one of earth’s natural metals and has been known for 1000’s of years for its healing and protecting properties and also its metaphysical effects.


When copper is used in a Pyramidal structure it helps ground the individual and balance the body’s electromagnetic field.

I hand craft and supply a range of copper framed Pyramids using high quality parts. Each Pyramid is has been carefully measured to ensure the sacred geometry of the Pyramidical shape is correct.

Copper Pyramid

I currently make six standard sizes, all of which (other than the Large Pyramid) are made to the same scale as the great Pyramid of Giza. I can make any size and dimension you require to a maximum of 3 meters (pole length). Contact me for a quote.

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